Your Lack of Diligence Can Kill Your Business

Ant_appleIs your lack of diligence killing your business?

Is this why your desired success seem unattainable?

You might not even know the answers to these questions but I’m sure that there could be other reasons like:

1. I do not have any individual to speak to about my business or people are not taking me serious.

2. Everyone keeps telling me “NO”. Others think my idea does not make sense Continue reading


How to Create an Inspiring Work Environment

minimalist-workspace-office-furniture-500x325First off, take a look around at your space. What do you see, smell, feel, hear, and taste?

How do these things make you feel? If your answer is energized, inspired and creative, then you’re set. Anything less and you’re in need of some help. Continue reading

20 Qualities of a Diligent Entrepreneur

blackbusinessman1. He is an early riser mainly because he likes what he does. There’s something to look forward to.

2. He works smart and hard and still yearns for more opportunities

3. He goes the extra mile. Doesn’t wait to be told or cajoled

4. Never an average individual, he believes excellence is attainable

5. He does not have the lottery mentality, he knows success is not by chance Continue reading

3 Ways to Think Outside the Box

thinkoutsidetheboxWhether you will be running a personal business or working for an agency or simply doing whatever is near to your heart, it is very important that you need to identify methods of performing it using a unique and completely different way as opposed to others. This should help you to stand tall amongst the many other players using the same activity and can set you apart from the rest. Doing things differently is often known as thinking outside the box and in today’s challenging and highly competitive online business and work scenario it is indeed becoming essential and critical to express the least. Continue reading

10 Ways To Help Maintain Your Best


  1. Learn to sustain your joy it attracts the right people. Cultivate a joyful spirit. Joy is contagious and sets your spirits to achieve great things. No matter what happens around you, never let it spoil your joy. It’s a treasure guide it jealously.
  2. Be passionate about what you are called to do. You can’t live your life just working for money, find something more fun, something more passionate to live for, do it with zeal and as if you will never have another opportunity to do same again. Money is good but the more money you get the more you want more and what is more if it cannot help you achieve the purpose for what you were created.
  3. Constantly revisit your written down goals, vision and aspirations. It helps you easily reappraise so you can know where more effort is needed. If you have never been in the habit of writing down your goals and aspiration, you will never know when or whether or not you are making progress. Then as often as possible go back to those goals and see how well or not-well you are doing.
  4. Be determined not to fail. Failure is a mind set you have to deal with. If you THINK you cannot, then you may never be able to. All great achievers succeed first in their minds even when they physically see that the conditions were not working in their favour.
  5. Work hard in what has been commited to you. Put extra effort even if you are not compensated for it. Some people say “work smart, not work hard”, good saying but working smart it self is  working hard. Being smart is not cheap. Disappoint people and surpass their expectations of you.
  6. Be honest to God, yourself and others. Admit your weakness. Posing like you are good at something when you are not is a weakness itself. Your life is not in competition with any other so be easy on yourself and talk only as much as you can handle at a time. Never make a promise you cannot keep, it gives a not-good impression of you.
  7. Be puntual to meetings and keep to appointments. It tells alot about you. Let your word be your bond. Being puntual and keeping to appointments should not be for businesses alone or when it involves money. It should be a part of your life whether you are just meeting a friend or picking up a child from school.
  8. Be positive about life and be determined to succeed in all you do. I live each day believing and expecting to succeed in all I do and I get really surprise when I do not get it right the first time. While it is not a bad thing to have alternatives, you should put all your energy in achieving the best you can at your first try.
  9. Be enthusiatic about your calling. Have an undeniable zeal for what you do. If you do not love what you are doing or do not find fulfilment in your job, why don’t you consider a change. Life is much fun when you are doing what you are called to and you get fulfilment when you are in the right place. You even achieve much more when the zeal naturally comes from doing what you love to do.
  10.  Be prayerful and have a gratitude atitude. Prayer is magical. It is not just about talking to God, it is a communion with Him. A dialogue. You pray, He answers. Being prayerful is a life stlye and not necessarily waiting to be confined in a place before you can talk to God. We often hear or read about how a gratitude attitude can open doors for better opportunityies but the question is, do you really practise the gratitude attitude?

Get Past That Fear!

fearWhen I started ‘commercial’writing it was as a journalist with a national daily. I was really excited as I looked forward to seeing my byline the next day after submiting my story. It was not published! When I asked my editor why, he said, “I doubt if you would make it well as a writer. This is a bad report!” He said some other things like me finding a new career. You can only imagine my disappointment and discouragement. I have always wanted to write and be a journalist and here was my editor telling me that I didn’t seem like it. For the next two days I could not turn in any report and I was queried. I struggled with believing my editor or believing in myself that I could be a great writer. Then in one weekend, five of my stories were published! As far as I was concerned I became an instant super hero! All the fears and uncertainties disappeared that weekend.

Are you planning to start off on a new project or career? A dream that appears lofty each time you think of it? Here is what you should know;

  1. It is natural to have some kind of fear especially when you are starting out for the first time or even when you intend to expand on your dream and this could be as a result of various reasons. It’s a new terrain and you want to tread carefully; you want to be sure you are getting it right.
  2. Do not be afraid to be ridiculed or take offense when people try to mock your dream. Most great achievers were ridiculed because they saw what others couldn’t see.
  3. Do not be afraid to start small. Greatness starts from small. Every dream is a seed and seeds are often small when compared to the fruits it produce. Start where you are, with what you have and keep in focus where you are going.
  4. Be aware that dreams often get delayed. Do not give up. They may seem prolonged and seemed delayed because it is natural to be hasty.
  5. Read and study the life of big dreamers they could be a source of inspiration and encouragement especially when you did not get it right at first attempt.
  6. Ask for help or mentorship if and when there is need. Good mentors are very helpful, they could serve as guardians or counselors especially when they are at your reach. Never assume you know it all and have no need for any assistance.
  7. Learn when to say NO. A good time to say no when starting out is when someone tells you, “You can’t do it” or when they say, “this will be too much for you to handle”. Your responsive should be a confident “No, I am capable, I have what it takes.” This statement will also help build your confidence in your pursuit.
  8. You are not ALONE. Most people are often afraid to start. That fear never leaves until that dream is embarked upon and if you do not get on to make that dream a reality someone else who may be less qualified than you would get it done. Just start!
  9. PRAY!

            Emike Oyemade

10 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Pursuit Part 1

boxerNo boxer gets into the ring without first subjecting himself to rigorious practices. Besides the fact that he must rehearse to win, he must also rehearse to defend himself or else he would be beaten to stupor with no consolation of the winning prize. This is no different from other important pursuit in life. I have compiled some tips that would help you ‘rehearse’to get the best out of life.

  1. Acknowledge God and Submit to His will. Recognise that God is the supreme being and the author of life. Do same for other instituted authorities. You cannot say you are a lover of God when and if you hate and condemn other authorities. Have regards for the government. Don’t break laws even if you will not be caught.
  2. Discipline. Self-discipline is a virtue, it cannot be impacted. You have to consciously cultivate it. You infact live it; let it become a life style. Do not allow the following gain control over your life; food, money, words and other material possessions. If they do, you can miss out on the important things in life.
  3. Be humble. Humility is not about how you dress or how calm your face appears. It is not about how gentle and calculated your strides are or how slow your speech is. It is an attitude! An attitude that brings about true greatness.
  4. Avoid distractions by all means. Distractions are obstacles; they either prevent or slow you down from achieving goals. They could be of the mind (past and ungodly imaginations or deceit of the devil, fear of the future), lies of the devil. It could even be in form of ‘unprofitable’friends and relationship or even a bad habit.
  5. Apply and follow divine priniciples. What does the holy book say? Act it, practise it, put faith to action. It is easier preaching what is right, but the real preaching should be in DOING IT
  6. Have a daily confession. Proposing in your heart to achieve results is good but more than that let your mouth SPEAK it. Everyday, let your mouth speak of where you are going and the results you are achieving. Let go of yesterday’s failures and focus on today’s achievement. What are you saying about yourself and all that concerns you?
  7. Be diligent, apply doggedness. Be persistent! There was a woman, in the bible who needed a favour from a judge and the judge would not grant her request. Being desperate she kept knocking on the judges’door until he answered her out of anger. Angry or not he GRANTED her request. Even when people turn you down, look for a way and keep going!
  8. Stay in the right position where God can easily bless you. Stay in reach. Do not be like the character in the story of Why Hen Has No Teeth. Mr. Hen was not present when God was distributing teeth to the rest of the animal. He was busy minding other people’s issues. There was no teeth left when he arrived even though his explanation seemed reasonable. Till date Mr. Hen has no teeth. Be at the right place and at the right time.
  9. Follow divine instructions. Hear God for yourself, get specific instructions from Him? I strongly encourage that you cultivate a cordial relationship with your Creator. Times are hard and staying at the top would need you to have a supernatural Presence to push you further to where physical strength cannot take you.
  10. Be faithful in service to Him and what is committed to you. Whatever we are or have; wherever we find ourselves, we are just custodians. It is therefore required of us to do all we can to be faithful stewards.

Emike Oyemade

10 Secrets For Personal Success

WinningDo you know you can be successful in your job, at work yet not be fulfiled or happy with yourself? Sometimes everything around us looks good, yet there is still a deep vacuum; lack inner satisfaction. I once had a job that management rated my performance as very successful yet I was not happy. I felt I could do more or better at something else. With a soul searching, I came up with some tips that helped me in attaining my personal success and I will like to share with you:

  1. Have A Sacred Time. Pray. Prayer is a communication with your Creator, your Source. There’s not much you can attain in life when you are disconnected from your Source. A branch cannot bear fruits on its own if removed from the tree, you are the branch, God is your Source. Stay connected. Most people prefer the early hours of the morning as their sacred time, others prefer late into the night. Whatever time you decide, just make sure there is a communication between you and Him. God does not speak more in the morning than in the night. You hear Him whenever you are attentive.
  2. Seek Divine Direction. Seek God. The more you stay connected to your Source, the more you will hear Him give you specific directions for every area of your life. Don’t just pray, hear from Him – that is why it is communication. If you ask or seek Him concerning any issue He will not only answer but He will be there for you and with you.
  3. Be Thankful! Praise God. If not for anything, be grateful to God for your Life and for the good health that your enjoy. The fact that you are blessed with beautiful people around you and the miracle of your organs funtioning perfectly. Also learn to show appreciation to people for the little things they do for you. If you cannot say it in words, say it in letter. A simple ‘thank you’opens the door for more favours.
  4. Be Responsible! Take Up Your Cross. Everyone has a challenge they are trying to overcome, do not be mistaken to think you are alone. Your problem is not the biggest or worse of all, there is someone whose problem is more terrible when compared to yours. So do not make other people suffer for what you should handle. Life is not always fair and the more you understand and accept this fact, the better approach you will have to life.
  5. Maintain A Clean Slate. Live In Holiness. A ‘small’evil deed has a way spoiling a life time of good living and your ‘innocent’ mistake can wipe out a decade of goodwill. As much as possible, live a life free of guilt. If you are married, it is worthless keeping extramarital affairs and making others believe you are faithful to your partner. If you have made a mistake in the past, forgive yourself, look past it, move one and try to be clean henceforth.
  6. Read The Divine Manual. I see myself as a ‘product’ manufactured my God and the Bible is my manual. There is the possibility of some part of my life to malfunction is or when I do not fully understand the manual. The more I read and study the manual the better I become. I encourage you to do same. Do not make the bible a book you consult only on emergencies or on Sundays.
  7. Study The Scripture. Do Not Just Read The Bible, STUDY! The more you study, the more you know about God and the better you become. Reading is one thing, studying is another. Let the word of God take root in your heart. Let it bear undeniable proofs that something good is happening to you.
  8. Encourage Unity. There is strength in oneness and when hearts are united in purpose, the result will be great. Irrespective of the difference in skin color, language, religion etc, strive and encourage unity! The Bible states that there are those who cause disunity, avoid them and ensure that you do not also bring discord where you are suppose to bring love. By all means encourage unity and love amongst people.
  9. Be Generious With Praises And Compliments. Praises and compliments are magical. Praise is like a charm. If you want to increase the list of your friends and gain admiration, then give sincere praises as often as possible. If someone looks good or did something nice, say it to them and praise them for it. You even help in boosting their self esteem and likeness for you.
  10. Show Genuine Love. If you care about someone let them know. Beyond that, show it – express it in small significant ways and as often as you can. Life is too short to postpone showing love to those who deserve it from you. And the truth is when you show love, you get love in return even if not from the same person

Emike Oyemade


verily-after-hardship-comes-ease-976x313The idea of owning and running your own business may be exciting and a dream come true but start-up is not fun. It is mostly tough; very challenging and comes with the temptation to give up. Hard. Being successful as an entrepreneur is not as easy as many people put it. It is infact more difficult and demanding than most regular 9-5 jobs.

Life generally, is not always fair and will not always be! So is entrepreneurship. Those who do not seem to deserve the goodies of life are those who easily get the goodies easily. Others who by your judgement are deserving of these goodies do not get it or struggle to and get very little when they eventually do. Entrepreneurship is a battle; survival of the fittest.

The earlier you understand this and formulate how you and your busines can stay on whatever fair side, the better for you. Do not expect that things are automatically going to change positively or money starts rolling in once you kickstart your business; for some businesses, one cannot even expect profit until after some years. If you think that because you have a great business idea, people are going to patronise you once you start, then you are wrong.

There will be HARDSHIP sometimes in the journey of entrepreneurship. Do not give up. You will be making huge and seemingly unreasonable sacrifices and tough discipline but soon your action will produce positive results for your business that wil leave a smile on your face.

Whatever the damage wrought by life’s hardships on you and your business, seek to undo it . Every entrepreneur encounters some hardship, its not new or peculiar to you.

Overcome it!

Emike Oyemade